Flower and Garden Festival Surprise

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What’s in the bottom of this here pond?

SURPRISE – It’s a Hidden Mickey!

Photos taken April 28th, 2005

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32 thoughts on “Flower and Garden Festival Surprise”

  1. I did a Disney photo this week, too! But there’s no hidden Mickey’s in it (I don’t think!?) Maybe I better check…..

  2. Love it Tink! I wonder if its still there this year? I’ll look for it in a couple of weeks.

  3. Susan, I’m going to guess “not”. It tends to vary from year to year, how deeply they allow the Festival to encroach on the FutureWorld part of EPCOT. I haven’t seen a display in front of Mission: Space since this one in 2005.


  4. I never seem to find the hidden Mickeys at the parks. I’m going to make it my mission next time!

  5. That was scary! First I saw a title of a post about spam and got an error message saying it was not there, and next your pictures would not load!

  6. Sorry about that – I was having a little cross-posting mix up with Utterli.com, which is a service that I sometimes use to send mobile video to the blog. I didn’t want it to do that but it had a mind of it’s own, LOL!


  7. You know, when I saw it my first thought was those giant M&M’s. You haven’t done a “Hidden Mickey” in a while (at least that I’ve seen). Good one!

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