Fort Myers Beach Moon

© Copyright 2008 Tink *~*~*


Unable to stop
myself from stalking the moon,
I halt at each light,

roll down the window,
click away obsessively
till the light turns green

and then drive away.
La Luna Bella – preserved
on silicon chip

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38 thoughts on “Fort Myers Beach Moon”

  1. The view is one of a tropical paradise. The fullness of the moon brightens the night sky noticeably, and the lush tree has its silhouette almost illuminated by the very bright lunar orb. The wast coast of Fla. offers such varied beauty, and it is great that you are there to chronicle it…

  2. Tink, I think it was you I told about howling at the full moon and biting people, mostly girls, on the neck. I can’t help myself, it happens when my fangs come out.

    I like your moon, I am jealous because my camera won’t take the moon just pointing out the window like that. Have you figured out what there is in the moon that attracts our attention?

    Yes, I know there was sky in the fender, a pretty sky. And yes, that is my green Mustang II Ghia in both hubcap pictures. Thanks for your nice comment.

  3. Thanks for your comment on my sepia photo.

    The moon in your photo looks regal. Beautiful shot. the photo has an asian painting composition.

  4. I have the same obsession with this beautiful ball of light! My trouble is that I cannot capture it as you have. This is a fabulous shot. Thank you so much for sharing. Thanks for playing along. 🙂


  5. Now that is the type of moon picture that I strive to take and just can’t do for the life of me! I am so envious of those who can – and do – take shots like this!! Great capture!

    The poem fits perfectly, too!

    Have a great Friday, Tink!

  6. Tink, my friend, this is a GREAT shot! The moon is gigantic, and I love how the tree ‘feathers’ against the sky. AWESOME!

  7. Wow…great shot! I’m obsessed with the moon, myself, so I relate to you’re haiku, as well!

    Thanks for sharin’, neighbor, and have a great weekend ahead!

  8. Great shot! The moon is very mesmerizing! I love to stare at it along with the stars. It makes me look forward to summer!

  9. Nice catch! I’ve tried too, but not that big moon I never got. Yes, SkyWatch puts to look up, that’s true. Those reflections I got (thanks for the visit!)noticed only because of that…

  10. Thank you everyone for your compliments. I want to clarify that this one is NOT from my cell phone – although it was “mobile” after a fashion – as the haiku indicates, I was in the car!

    I took this shot with my Canon SX110is that I bought myself for Christmas. It is 9 megapixels and has 10X optical image stabilized zoom, which really helps to capture the craters and such on the moon’s surface. This is not the most optical zoom that Canon offers, but I thought it was a reasonable compromise for the price.

    Here it is on Amazon – they have it in silver too, which for some reason is a little less expensive

  11. Thanks for the info about the camera! I loved the shot!

    I always forget to take pictures of the moon, I don’t know why, I haven’t got one!

  12. Great photo. I never took one of the moon. I should try to get some of the moon, if my camera will allow it.

    Very cool shot!

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