Lighthouse at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

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Dock and lighthouse on Crescent Lake
Disney’s Yacht Club Resort
Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida
October 12th, 2008

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49 thoughts on “Lighthouse at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort”

  1. There is nothing so calming as lighthouses. I think everyone yearns to live in one — I know I do — and there is not a lighthouse one on the prairie — but anytime we go to the ocean, I make husband Jim go to any and all lighthouses!

  2. Love the lighthouse, and love, love Disneyland. Is tink your real name or is it a nickname from someone special.
    Thanks for the wonderful picture. I could use one of those yachts too please.

  3. I was excited to see your picture this week. My husband and I have taken our family to the Yatch Club a few times over the years. It was my favorite place we’ve ever stayed when going to Disnay World!

  4. Hello Tink,
    Thank you for sharing this today, I have visited Disney in Florida but haven’t visited here, I must try this next time.

  5. Tink *~*~* is a name I have used on the internet since around 1994 or so. There are also people who call me that in real life, but it’s not the name I was born with.


  6. What a glamorous panorama! The bluest blue water and sky makes the white of the lighthouse structure almost glow! Beautiful shot!

  7. Lovely shot. I can’t believe the beautiful blues of the sky and water and the great say the light is reflected on the lighthouse. Good job.

  8. Wow! This is a wonderful shot…it’s got great sky, lovely water, terrific lighting, fabulous colors, and shadows, too! Perfect scene and so well put together!

  9. Disney is so much fun. When done right, it truly can be the happiest place on Earth. The Yacht Club is a luxury for adults and kids alike. Yes, I’m biased because my brother started his career in Disney Orlando and my sister and sister-in-law still work there. We love it.

  10. Hi there! This is Tricia from Pic a Theme! When I get home this evening, I’ll send you an invitation to join the blog – I just wanted to let you know that I hadn’t overlooked your request! Thanks so much!

  11. And right across the lake by boat shuttle is Epcot! I have been so many times with our Florida resident pass..but we never get tired of it. The Yacht Club or Beach club are both great places to stay. My first picks every time.

  12. Reading all down your blog. Thanks so much! Beautiful photos and like going on vacation, seeing the FL world without the trouble of leaving home.

  13. Happy Outdoor Wednesday! Wowza! This is a wonderful shot…it’s got great sky and good lighting. I adore the lighthouse! Great photograph from top to bottom.

  14. I too love Disney, it is a wonderful wonderland! Your blog is great. Thanks for the visit. Be Happy… Pam

  15. What a beautiful picture! We’ve been to Disney several times, but have never stayed here, it looks beautiful. And just look at that sky. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Great shot! You’ve got that great sky, the water, the nice perspective of the bridge, the shadows of the ropes on the bridge….and it all wonderfully composed. Love it!

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