My Top 5 FUNky Facts About Pelicans

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IMG_0385-American-brown-pelican-Sanibel-IslandHere are just 5 of the more FUNky things I learned while browsing around the interwebz looking for information about the American brown pelican

(Pelicanus occidentalis – click the photo to see a larger version in Flickr)

1. Pelicans have been around for about 40 million years, the earliest form of pelican having been found fossilized in France

2. The male of the pelican species pitches in to help incubate the eggs, much like a penguin does.

3. There are various legends in various cultures that would have the pelican either nourishing or resurrecting her young with her own blood

4. The pelican is the state bird of Louisianna

5. Pelicans may have been worshipped in ancient Peru; they are depicted in a lot of Peruvian art

NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART – a bystander captured video footage of a white pelican in St James Park, England swallowing a pigeon whole and live! The footage shows the pigeon continuing to struggle inside the pelican for quite sometime. DON’T CLICK IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE!

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33 thoughts on “My Top 5 FUNky Facts About Pelicans”

  1. Ewww, NO!! I’m not clicking this!!
    You’re giving me nightmares just thinking about this!

    I loved the facts and figures though, always interesting to know!
    And your own picture is great!

  2. Oh, you just know I’m the kind of gal that is going to watch that video. I can’t believe they don’t choke to death. Must say the pigeon sure gave up a fight. The pelican must have one helluva digestive system if they eat animals whole. Just amazing.

  3. I can’t believe the pelican actually managed to swallow that pigeon. I’ve seen a video of a heron swallowing a rabbit (alive for most of the time), but that was even more weird. The photo is beautiful, they can be so graceful.

  4. What a stunning photo and love the added neat facts. I can’t, however, watch the video. Ewwwww…lol


  5. I love seeing the pelican sliding over the water. Forty million years is a long time on earth. Thanks for these great facts. However, I’m one of those not able to watch the video ;). Best wishes.

  6. I love brown pelicans. I would always watch for them when I crossed the causeway going home to Galveston. They were solitary … I’d see lots of white pelican and then … a lone brown. Thank you!

  7. Great capture, Tink. I have to tell you I was afraid to click on the video link. I know they’ve gotta eat, but I hate watching the prey struggle. I’m glad you warned us!

  8. Your photo looks nearly like one we have, except ours shows a leg band. πŸ™‚ Guess what my critter was today? Yup, brown pelican. πŸ™‚ But I learned some different facts here, that I didn’t find in my search. Ewe on the video. πŸ™‚

  9. I couldn’t bear to see but I’ll probably come back, the suspense will kill me

    I love pelicans – wish they were vegetarians πŸ˜‰

  10. Alright, I admit I clicked… I know our cats get a bird, and regularly barf up mouse bones. The cycle of life has worked for millions of years. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for visiting my blog, too!

    We more or less stamped out a path in the snow for us, going down to the lakeshore to put out bird seed. Then the cats liked the pathway. The deeper the snow got, the deeper the path. We take them for walks almost every day.

  11. Brown pelicans are fascinating to watch. What fascinates me is how differently they feed from how the white pelican feeds. Great FUNky facts!

  12. I didn’t click.
    Walt Disney wouldn’t have approved of movies that showed pelicans swallowing live pigeons me thinks. Unless the pigeon would come out again, alive, with a critter he rescued from the insides of the pelican.
    ThΓ‘t would be a movie I’d want to see πŸ˜‰

  13. These are great Tink, and i love all the information about them, had no idea.
    Thanks for the stop over and your prayers for my Dying cat. And hubby

  14. Great shots!!!!! Check out the birds on our website today………and send us yours………

  15. Great cc photo!!

    And that kind of video lead-in just pulled me in and I had to watch it. OMG what a sight!! And there were kids there that saw it all live. What kind of nightmares is that going to bring?!

    Very persistent pelican. Did you see the feathers falling from it’s beak?

  16. 40 million years!? i would never have thought that lol. I would have said a few hundred ha!

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