RED Hidden Mickeys at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter

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Yesterday we took a look at one of the standard rooms at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter resort, and I showed you a “Hidden Mickey” in the bedspread. Today, in honor of Ruby Tuesday, we’ll take a look at the red upholstered chair. I bet you think that you can see the “Hidden Mickey’s on this chair, huh?


Surprise, surprise, surprise – there are even more than you thought there were!


I vaguely remember a Cast Member telling me that there are hundreds of “Hidden Mickeys” in each room at Port Orleans French Quarter. I think it was the captain of one of the boats that takes people between the Port Orleans resorts and Downtown Disney. I’m trying to verify this by asking around at some of the Disney forums out there on the interwebz – I’m sure someone else must have heard the same story that I have.

Or… maybe YOU know! Did you hear that story too – that there are hundreds of Hidden Mickeys in each room at Port Orleans French Quarter? Who told you? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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18 thoughts on “RED Hidden Mickeys at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter”

  1. Hey Tink, that would be scary, all those mice all around! That is a pretty chair. 🙂

    My granddaughter and SIL will be visiting next week. They will see the Universal studios and the other one but not Epcott or DisneyWorld. They have seen the latter quite a few times.

  2. Can you imagine the hundreds of thousands that have sat there and never noticed? I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have, but now that you’ve clued me in if I ever do visit that is what I’ll be looking for.

  3. The most magical chair in the world, sitting near the Middle of Main Street USA…There is a subtle art to hiding and finding a mouse (cartoon, thankfully!)

  4. Tink, there are hidden Mickey’s all OVER Disney World. Before our last trip to Florida, I bought a book that listed thousands of places to look for them. It was an interesting read for the drive down!

  5. Tink, I drew in my breath :0 when I saw all the mickeys in the close-up of the chair! Great post for Ruby Tuesday! Beautifully upholstered chair BTW!

  6. Wouldn’t that be a dream job — hiding Mickeys!? Somebody has to do it! I think you should check it out, you are definitely qualified!

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