Retail Therapy Skies Over Fort Myers, Florida

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IMG_0386-sky-reflected-Crispers-windowI was out and about this weekend doing some retail therapy, and at some point on Sunday afternoon, I decided that I was hungry. So I stopped at one of my favorite casual places, Crispers. The menu is based around fresh produce, and all of their salads and sandwiches are cold, crisp and delicious. I always sit outside, and while I was waiting for my food, I spotted some puffy clouds in the window of the restaurant. I am sure that people thought I was an idiot, taking pictures of the side entrance of Crispers. A lot of you reading this are photo meme junkies too, so I bet that experience is not unique 😉

IMG_0391-sky-in-parking-lotAfter my delicious lunch, I moved across the parking lot to Barnes and Noble side of this sprawling suburban shopping center. By this time, those very clouds that had been reflected in the restaurant window had bloomed quite nicely, and I thought they looked pretty neat hovering over the trees that provide the all-important but too few and far between shaded parking spots 🙂 And there I was again, the idiot standing in the middle of the parking lot taking pictures of the sky! 😀

PS – Drat, I nearly forgot to haiku!

There she goes again –
taking pics of gawd knows what!
Must she block the road?

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25 thoughts on “Retail Therapy Skies Over Fort Myers, Florida”

  1. Hi Tink!

    Just wanted you to know that I read all you post and enjoy your blog everyday. I don’t always comment but I have you in my google reader and see all your post. I hope all is well and I envy your trips out to eat and drink. LOL Maureen and I are here just north of orlando and try to get out as much as we can but not as much as we would like.

    Anyway just checking in to say hi and hope all is well,

    Craig Glenn

  2. Thanks for coming by my blog.

    As you guessed, you are not the only one that feels self-concious taking photos. I am still getting used to the feeling of “being watched.”

    Beautiful photos of the clouds!

  3. Oh yes, I can relate, and your haiku is ME! I love your towering cumulus clouds. Love that kind of instability and lift. Were there any thunderstorms…?

  4. Surely it’s not that hot in Gulf Florida…yet. It is only Spring today, after all! You have the aversion to hot the we non-snowbirds have toward the cold. The tops of those clouds aren’t that high yet. In the summer, I would imagine that the tops rising off the Gulf get to 30-40,000 ft before the storm begins.

  5. Thanks for the auto train idea. Driving to Florida from PA was interesting. My husband had done it twice, but always flew back.

    I am enjoying your blog. I love, love, love WDW. My cast member daughter has become a bit jaded, but she managed to put up with my delight. We had not been there in almost ten months. I was having withdrawal.

    Your haiku and photos are great!

  6. I take a lot of pictures that I think people are probably wondering WHY?? but it’s because I find something unique in them or know I can use them in a blog post somehow. These are great! I love the reflections in the glass at the restaurant.

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned it or not but your link over at Tisha’s blog is a bit messed up and it takes you to a page that doesn’t exist. Just in case you’re wondering where everyone is!

  7. Beautiful shot of the clouds reflected in the windows, I really love this. You know, I get so many of my shots here in the country where we live, so I don’t have to worry about how weird someone thinks I might be… BUT when I’m taking shots in the city, I always feel like they think I’m a tourist, when I’m not! I figure eventually I’ll get over it. I just need to do it more. 😉 TGIF!!!!

  8. that was awesome! the haiku made me laugh–thanks for that! 🙂 I’m glad I’m not the only one taking pictures in parking lots or pulling over on the side of the road taking pictures! 🙂

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    yesterday a little boy asked her mummy, why is she taking pictures of our tree? ops..

    I like the beautiful window reflection shot. I also love the puffy heart-shaped cloud. Great captures!

  10. Had to giggle at the haiku! Fortunately there’s not much traffic to mess with here in NZ!

    The photos are great! Love the fluffy clouds!

  11. Wow! I really need to start carrying my camera with me…you never know when you’ll get a great shot! I love your pictures!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog…I love hearing from other survivors!

  12. I love the color in the reflection shot. Really nice one. They’re both great but I found the first really interesting to look at and find things in.

  13. hey thanks for visiting my blog….

    I have put you on my blog roll so that i can check your updates…

    lovely photos those… especially the one with the clouds bursting…


    thanks for sharing ! 🙂

  14. First, I am so jealous that you have “retail therapy” opportunities! Because you have the opportunity to take such wonderful reflective photos in the windows, of course (NOT). Next time you visit Barnes and Nobles, think of us so far from civilization 🙂

    Beautiful shots! Love the power of the second shot, and I always love reflective shots.

    You know, I live in the middle of nowhere, and I still manage to be in the way of traffic when I’m trying to get a shot. It must be all of our good energy drawing folks towards us, ya think?

  15. I know.
    I take pictures of anything too.
    People in Belgium DO STARE if you take a two dozen pictures of your cup of coffee before you drink it!

    But yours are so lovely!

  16. The clouds are so beatiful….so white and fluffy. Not sure I’ve seen those here, but now I will watch for them! I drive my kids nuts with the picture taking especially in restaurants. I like the Haiku.

  17. These are very beautiful sky photos especially the one taken from inside the resto. One time too i did a similar shot like that.

    Thanks for coming by to see my sky. 🙂

  18. Anytime you want someone to stand next to you and join in with ‘looking like an idiot’ standing there taking photos, just give me a call – If I’ve got my camera in my hand, I’m oblivious to what people might be thinking of me 😉 Ohhhhhhh and can I go to Barnes and Noble with you too??? Ppppplease!

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