40 thoughts on “Sanibel Island beach birds”

  1. as if the birds are waiting to board the ship…wonder where are they heading?

    p/s: not sure why Guan Yin has 3 birthday celebrations…;p

  2. What a beautiful scene with the seagull meeting ! it reminds me so much the English coast when I am on holidays there !!

  3. Great photo! Love the birds on the shore with the boat on the water—almost as though they are the ones waiting for their ship to come in. Neat caption!

  4. Great photo and catchy caption! I hope the ship rescued all of them. hehehe.

    I played too this week..I hope you can come by. 🙂

  5. Thank you for your comment und visit.
    Love your picture, beautifully captured in words too!!
    Sanibel Island? Alway wanted to visit.
    Perhaps one day..
    – Cheers.

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