Sanibel Seagull Smiles

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There’s an attention ho in every flock; Dave was theirs.



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32 thoughts on “Sanibel Seagull Smiles”

  1. lol…. rotflol….

    thats really funny… apart from being a really nice pic….

    one of them even caught you … you blogging this ? lol… really funny

  2. Ha ha ha! You are too funny. Are you really taking these with a camera phone? Those photos are so perfect they almost don’t look real.

  3. They always look so graceful and beautiful, but the reality…(I grew up on Lake Michigan, and am aware of their toilet habits!)

  4. How fun is this! I love the collages and all the comments too … laughed aloud at the ‘stuck’ cluck!!! I shared different birds this morning ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. Bwahahahahahaha – this is absolutely priceless! You had me laughing out loud here, Tink! Very, very creative and fun… and they are awesome pictures too! You’ve outdone yourself here!

  6. Sooo clever…and so funny! I was going to say soooo true…as if I have some clue as to what these gulls would be saying. Excellent job!

  7. Thanks for your comments, everyone – some responses:

    GAYLE, these photos were not mobile blogged with the camera phone. These are from the Canon SX110 IS that I bought myself for Christmas.

    SANDY, I did the captions with It is integrated with Flickr – I find that really convenient. But Flickr is not a requirement – anyone can use it and it is free. Go, have fun with the captions and the thought bubbles! 🙂

    YO, SNO – you know, if you grew up on Long Island, the chances are excellent that Florida is in your future, so yeah, it’s possible one or two of deeze guyz are from Noo Yawk. 😉

  8. You could probably sell this as a travel postcard, ya know. Great photos, nice job with the thought bubbles – sometimes they take away from the photo but these don’t. It all works and it all made me smile.

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