Strolling into the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival

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IMG_0576-EPCOT-Flower-Garden-Festival-sign 🙂 Here we are at the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival again. Can you tell that I’m starting to get excited for my upcoming trip to Orlando? 😉 Woops, I need to tell the story in haiku – here we go!

This sign speaks the truth –
Disney loves a festival
AND a celebration!

It’s so true – every year, they think up some reason or another to have a hullabaloo, so you’ll feel like you’re missing something if you don’t make the pilgrimage. Pretty clever marketing, huh?

Look! the gang’s all here
Mickey, Minnie and the rest
greet us at the gate.

Spaceship Earth reflects
patterned slivers of blue skies;
geospheric orb

I love the way the facets of the geosphere capture little pieces of sky. It can be a harsh-looking structure when the sky is cloudy and gray, but blue really softens it as a backdrop for these classic Disney characters in topiary.

IMG_0588-EPCOT-Pluto-topiaryHere’s Pluto with the monorail track behind him and some more of that amazing blue Orlando sky. I want you to look REALLY closely at Pluto. What do you notice about him, hmmmm?

Isn’t Pluto cool? 8)
Guess what Pluto’s secret is?
(Look at his collar…)

So, did you see what I wanted you to see? Or maybe you didn’t… I will give you a hint as to what you are looking for. These photos are from the 2005 Flower and Garden Festival, which had a very specific theme. I’ll wait while you click that and look for the clue…. oh, good, you’re back. Are you tired of squinting? I’ll give you another hint – in fact, I will give you something to CLICK so you can see a close-up. Then, if you please, c’mon back here to the comments section, and tell me what you found!

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