Lego Sculpture at Downtown Disney: The Dragon

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02-20-08_1224-WDW-Downtown-Disney-Lego-Dragon 🙂 Seems like I’m in a Downtown Disney kind of mood so far this week. There’s a big Lego store at Downtown Disney, and they have decorated the outside with life-size-and-beyond Lego creations, including this dragon in Village Lake.

This is only part of him – he’s a rather long serpent, and to get all of him in the shot, from this angle anyway, would require standing so far away, you would not be able to see his tongue hanging out or his googly eyes. Despite his sharp-looking Lego fangs, I think he looks sort of doofy and humorous, don’t you? Not scary at all, at all!.

My favorite Lego creation down there was a life-size tourist with a bald head, sitting on the bench taking a nap. Every now and then, it would start snoring 😉 I’m not sure he is still there, but next time I’m in The World, I’ll check it out and report back!

OK, so I wasn’t “wordless” this week – so, sue me! 😀

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