The trouble with Tinker Bell

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IMG_5857-Tinker-Bell-topiary 😡 This is probably the last photograph I will be able to take of a Tinker Bell topiary at the International Flower and Garden Festival, which takes place each spring in Walt Disney World’s EPCOT theme park. The reason for this is that the Walt Disney Company, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to mess with the Tinker Bell character in order to cash in on her popularity, and I don’t think I’m going to be able to be brave enough to visit the Tinker Bell section of the festival ever again. Disney’s gone an made a movie filled with grave inaccuracies and a computer-generated effigy of the true Tinker Bell, and I could not be more upset! 😡 grrr!

Did you know they’ve actually got her TALKING in the film? Tinker Bell should NOT speak – ever. And nowadays, they’ve got her running around the parks – as a FACE character! You know, an actual PERSON. Hey, isn’t she supposed to be able to fit in the palm of your hand?

My childhood dreams are shattered. I’m traumatized, I tell ya! This is no way to treat Tinker Bell. Her entire mystique is being destroyed.


I hear this year in EPCOT they’re having a Tinker Bell fairy garden (she is not a fairy, she’s a PIXIE – sheesh! 🙄 ) The face characters will all be there doing autographs. Well, I guess I’m going to have to stay away from that part of the park. I cannot bear the prospect of coming face to face with these imposters, these… these… these POSERS! It’s going to be difficult, though, because the next time I go to EPCOT, I will probably be in the company of a certain 4-year old – Niece No. 5 – who really loves Tinker Bell, and probably loves the fairies too. She’s cute, this 4-year old. I may not be able to resist a request to go visit Tinker Bell…

Oh, and this has been yet another victory in the Monday Meme Trifecta. The prompt for Manic Monday today is “plant”, and I’ve got Tinker Bell’s yellow hair and blue wings to cover Mellow Yellow Monday and Blue Monday.


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