6 thoughts on “Lunch at Holiday Inn pool bar Sanibel Island”

  1. Yes I ate the potato chips. No I did not share. Yes I would have shared if someone said they wanted some, but they were all pretty busy with their own potato chips!

  2. That’s only the second time I’ve had Corona in a can, and the other time I was also at a pool bar (Casa Ybel). Maybe they sell beer in cans because of all the bare feet and the pool – imagine if someone drops a bottle in that area! Then they have to drain the pool. That would suck!


  3. Yumm….Thought of you guys yesterday and wondered if you were crawling..wishing I was there…sigh 🙁 I would have had the Tuna Melt…I can almost taste it now. Thanks for taking me there, at least in spirit!!

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