My kingdom for a Mickey bar!

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IMG01050-Mickey-Bar-Wrapped 🙂 When is my next trip to Walt Disney World? It seems forever since I’ve been there, and I NEED a Mickey bar!

Here’s one, in a lovely red, white and blue wrapper. I like the Mickey head sandwich too – it has cookies and cream type ice cream between two chocolate cookies, in the shape of Mickey’s head.

I am pining away for a Mickey-shaped ice cream treat. My next trip is getting closer and closer every day, and then I’ll be there.

And be able to blow the sensible diet with one of these °o° on a daily basis 😉

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13 thoughts on “My kingdom for a Mickey bar!”

  1. That’s yummy! Right?

    I was looking forward to more disney photos..but still ok because Mickey is a D character!

    Happy RT!

  2. Tink, how come I can’t see your photos anymore? They are about 1/2 cm wide on the side of the box? Is IE causing the problem? I don’t know what to do….

  3. Wait, I can see it now! Arrggg, computers are so frustrating sometimes! I can just taste that icecream bar now! 🙂

  4. As delicious as they may be, how could you just chomp on an ear or two of the world’s favorite mouse?? We haven’t been to Disney in a couple of decades – but someday. Disney should pay you for being the best advertisement for central FLA. Really!

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