Not-so-hidden Mickey

© Copyright 2008 Tink *~*~*


On the way home from
The Happiest Place On Earth,
a “hidden” Mickey

makes me sad to leave.
But! A voice inside my head
calls, “See ya real soon!”


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33 thoughts on “Not-so-hidden Mickey”

  1. As a faithful Disney lover, I love your picture. This is always the I have arrived sign to me from I4! we live about 30 mins away and I have a annual pass so I make trips alot. My bro in law has worked for TECO (elec. co) and he was a part of the crew that installed that pole and they all rcvd a special pin made for them. The sky looks so beautiful!

  2. What a cool shot — I’m heading there in three and a half weeks (would you like to know how many hours that it? Not that I’m counting!)

  3. Hey Tink, I’m betting that ‘hidden voice’ wasn’t inside you at all. It was nestled in amongst the highlines. Shocking?
    That’s a neat picture, those clouds are pretty too.

  4. I love all things Mickey and actually sucked in my breath when I saw this. How cool is that? I have been to Disney lots in my own childhood and am DYING to go with my little one–it will be the best vacation ever!

  5. The moisture in the Florida sky is intense and dark. But the Sunshine State’s sub-tropical humidity makes the clouds arrive from the Atlantic and the Gulf. But the rain will obscure your tears as you depart Mouseland. Mickey is one of the good guys!

  6. I love disneyland, growing up 3 miles from Anahiem we visited 3 to 4 times a year. Really anytime people visited. Now I live 4 hours away and wish I could afford to go more often. Cute pic!

    You asked about my Petite – it is available on my website but not in any stores on the east coast yet- we are way to small.

    Do you facebook- you can follow us there as well?

  7. LOL! I just saw these the other day as we were driving through Florida! I absolutely loved it!! (I wish more states were more creative with their utility poles!)

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