The Mystery Sunset

© Copyright 2008 Tink *~*~*


Stood on the terrace
so high above the city.
Saw the sun retire.

You might be thinking,
“Oh, she lives in Florida.”
Well, you would be right!

BUT, beauty lives in
other places, too – can you
guess where THIS sun set?

If you think you know the location of the “mystery sunset”,
please leave a comment.

Bonus points if you can guess where exactly I was standing when I took the shot.
Um, there’s no prize, I’m just trying to start a conversation here so help a sista out, ‘k? 😉


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36 thoughts on “The Mystery Sunset”

  1. It is a lovely neighborhood. If I were to guess, I’ll guess the North Shore or North Fork of Long Island. The hills in the background suggest a substantial land mass nearby (CT??). Wherever it is, it looks like a wonderful place to dine, drink wine and just look up!

  2. Sorry, Alicia – wrong on both counts!

    Ralph is actually closer, geographically speaking.

    Can’t wait to hear some other guesses! I’m hoping I will come across someone else who has stood in that spot and seen that sight.


  3. I had Joe help me with this because he use to live down in that area…here’s what he said…..

    “You are at the Robert E Lee Hotel in North Fort Myers And you are looking at the Edison Bridge. You are looking North and it about 7:30 PM.”


  4. Correction….It’s been so long since I’ve lived there. It could also be the Peace River. You may be looking from the north side (Port Charlotte). It’s been 20 years and I don’t know. I do know I’ve seen the bay before.

  5. I know! I know! You are in my dream where I see water, boats and sweet sunsets and none of my children are around to bother me. Wait! How did you get in my dream??!

  6. Oh no!! Poor Joe was racking his brain!!! He grew up in Brooklyn and has been to Long Island…maybe he saw it then and doesn’t remember!

    Is it wrong that I”m giggling? =0P

    I forgot to say what a beautiful shot.

  7. Excellent Photo. Most of the time my camera make the water area too dark to see the boats. Great job with this shot!

  8. It looks like a lake, absolutely beautiful, near a light house. Hmmm. Can you tell how well traveled I am?

  9. Well, it’s not a lake, and there’s no light house nearby.


    There is a structure off-picture to the left, not even a mile away, in the middle of the water, that has a light in it – but it’s not a lighthouse.

  10. Well, this is one amazing shot. I LOVE the colors. The pink and purple girly sky is my favorite! Thanks so much for playing along.


  11. I’ve no idea where you are, but from reading a few comments and your responses, I’d have to say you are somewhere on the eastern side of this country and I being in Montana Have no clue! It is beautiful though. I love the suntset and often snap several shots of it.

  12. I wish i knew where that was cause I would put it on my list of places to go see! Great shot! I love a good sunset! 🙂

  13. OK, I have to confess now –

    Downtown Manhattan, there’s a Ritz Carlton that has a bar and grill with a terrace on the 14th floor. The terrace overlooks New York Harbor and the Hudson River. When I took this photo, I was standing on that terrace, and the sun was going down over NEW JERSEY.


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