Flowery scene from Disney’s Flower & Garden Festival

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Love the pineapple cut-out in this fence. Pineapples are supposed to represent prosperity and abundance. I seem to recall there might be some carved stone pineapples on the pillars near the International Gateway at EPCOT. Will have to investigate next time I’m in Walt Disney World (10 days, w00t!)


Scenic Sunday

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16 thoughts on “Flowery scene from Disney’s Flower & Garden Festival”

  1. Thanks for pointing the pineapple cut out to me. I was too busy enjoying the pink blooms to notice anything else. I never knew that pineapple is a symbol of prosperity. Now I do.

    Happy Scenic Sunday.

  2. Nice curving of pineapple, I like the flowers, the green grass and the background with pineapple in between.

  3. Yes, a sign of welcome too. This goes back to the days when importing a pineapple was pretty expensive, and if served to a guest, that meant no expense was spared in treating the guest well. So obviously one had to be prosperous to extend such a welcome.


  4. I love your photo, such a pretty flower on a pretty white fence. The pineapple design is lovely. Up here in Virginia the pineapple design is prevalent. In Colonial Williamsburg especially they are everywhere. I found out when I wondered why, that the pineapple was also used to represent hospitality and friendship. Often, a pineapple was placed near a door to show visitors and other travelers the house was a safe haven in what was sometimes an unsafe or hostile environment. Your photo is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing it and have a great week.

  5. Gorgeous mandavilla blooms! I grew them once in Wisconsin – they completely covered my deck railing.

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