Glorious morning, Walt Disney World Dolphin

Glorious morning, Walt Disney World Dolphin, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*. 15 May ’09, 11.14am EDT PST

ORIG. TRIED 830 AM 🙂 I’m awake and enjoying coffee on my little balcony. They have Starbucks African Kit-something in-room (too lazy to go inside and look).

The plan for today – well, I need to find my brother, because I have his t-shirt. It’s got the sea gulls from Finding Nemo on it, saying "Mine Mine Mine Mine….". And I think Deb should arrive around noon-ish, so we’ll want to get her all checked in and all. After that – who knows? I do want to check out the Festival Center, which should be open today.

But for now, I’m just going to finish my coffee while enjoying the sights and sounds of the resort waking up. I can watch the boats come and go for a while I daydream about nothing in particular. Life is good 🙂