International Gateway at EPCOT

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Walking up the hill
International Gateway
Time to tour the world

This way to EPCOT!
Hurry, before those clouds start
to look menacing…

That’s the bridge between the United Kingdom pavilion and the France pavilion at EPCOT, as seen from the hill you have to walk up when you enter via the International Gateway.

My recent trip to Walt Disney World for the Flower and Garden Festival coincided with the beginning of rainy season here in Florida. It rained nearly every day of the trip. That’s ok, Florida really needs the rain. There have been droughts and the inevitable grass kill and brush fires that follow. I kind of feel sorry for people who booked their vacations in Orlando that week… but sorta not really, because I’d rather have it rain on people’s vacations, including mine, than see the entire state burn to a crisp.

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18 thoughts on “International Gateway at EPCOT”

  1. Amen to the rain — and if you can’t have a good time at Disneyworld — no matter what the weather — then you need help.

  2. Nice sky, the simple white clouds not detracting from the simple Euro view. Nice effects in a nice scene…

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could simply stroll across a bridge between London and Paris??

  3. “Yes, but it’s Disney…so it’s a dry rain.”

    —-comment from my then 11 year old son on a May trip

  4. Beautiful. I’m glad that they got rain. Not that it rained on your vacation, but. Oh let me shut-up here and get my foot out of my mouth. Your photo is beautiful. Lisa

  5. i hear you–it’s been rainy in CO and I’m absurdly happy about it! the sky is such a delicate shade of blue

  6. You’re right about the rain. It’s much better to let it rain while on your vacation so that there is a place to vacation to next time!!! The shot is brilliant. I’ve never been but you take me there with your amazing photos! Thanks for that. Have a beautiful weekend.

    Thanks for playing.


  7. The clouds looks so beautiful…. it’s almost like some of the clouds are blue and the sky is white! Love it!

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