Quick look at each Disney park in Orlando

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One of the advantages of living in Florida is that I can go to Walt Disney World a lot more frequently now, seeing as how I don’t need to purchase airfare. And one of the advantages of going more frequently is ending up with a large stockpile of digital photographs so I can share Walt Disney World with anyone who happens upon my blog. Let’s go to the parks!


Sign at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park announces that you’ve arrived at Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama! I never did figure out if this is Chester or Hester!


Rosie’s All American Cafe is a great place to catch a quick bite to eat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There are lots of tables with umbrellas for shade, and it’s right near Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Roller Coaster, so you can just hang out here if you’re waiting on a Fast Pass.


Images of The Three Caballeros grace the entrance to what used to be known as the El Rio Del Tiempo boat ride in EPCOT, but is now known as the Gran Fiesta Tour. I lost a pair of sunglasses in the “river of time” one year. I wonder what else is down there on the “river” bottom?


A bright red flower bed at Disney’s Magic Kingdom features garden ornaments fashioned after the leading characters from Peter Pan. Peter’s sword seems to be making straight for Wendy’s head, the hussy; I bet Tinker Bell’s magic wand had something to do with this. That’ll teach this Wendy person to come between Peter and his best girl! 😀

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16 thoughts on “Quick look at each Disney park in Orlando”

  1. Hi Tink! My son and DIL are in Florida and maybe they’ll even get a chance to visit Disney World to see all the Ruby :0)

  2. How lucky you are to live just nearby a Disneyland. Now that last photo really captured my eyes. 🙂

    Happy RT!

  3. My family love going to Walt Disney world. nice photos. we will be going to Disney Land this summer for the first time.

  4. I really like the Three Caballeros – Donald Duck in a happier, not grouchy, mood. Smiling Disney birds are a treat. I would like to grab a bite at Rosie’s – Hash and eggs or fries with gravy, what I would hope for at this stylish eatery! Your namesake is nicely floating above the ruby roses. Nice views!

  5. I’d love to go to Disneyworld one day. It seems that there is so much more to it than Disneyland and I’ve been there. 😀

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