Shout out to mah peeps at the Walt Disney Boards

🙂 Just wanted to give a special shout out to Arny and all my friends at the Walt Disney Boards. I like knowing that you guys are following along during the day, and that there will be some comments waiting for me on the forum when I get back from long, hard days trekking around the parks (oh poor me, trekking around the parks, LOL!). Just wanted you all to know that you are appreciated! 🙂

In other news – yes, I bailed on EPCOT and the rain early. I came back to the Dolphin and had a burger at The Fountain, and then I picked up some packages at the hotel’s gift shop, Daisy’s Garden (my spoils from having stimulated the economy). Now I’m just cruising the web for a bit before turning in. Touring in extreme heat just kicks my butt!

I hang out at

The WDB!

One thought on “Shout out to mah peeps at the Walt Disney Boards”

  1. We’re definitely following your mobile adventures Tink! 😀

    Thanks for the shout out and we’ll talk to you soon!

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