34 thoughts on “Supper in the Sanibel Surf”

  1. stopped by from a southern dreamers outdoor wednesday – checking out your surf!

  2. You hit three memes with one bird, I see, pretty clever of you.

    Such a beautiful sight too. Lovely capture.

  3. One lowly little bird in front of those gorgeous waves. I can almost picture it’s little feet running along the wet sand. 🙂

  4. what a wonderful place, love to have a vacation there and go swimming all day..

  5. Hi!
    I wish I could click my red shoes together and be there at that beach. What a wonderful photograph.
    Joyce M

  6. What a great photo. The contrasts of the rough surf in the background and the smooth water in the foreground really give it drama.

  7. That’s a beautiful sight, the critter is such an adorable addition and the wave breaks are just so great.

  8. Wow! That is an awesome shot!

    I played Wordless and Watery but in two posts – one after the other. Please come over and see! Thanks.

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