The fountain show at EPCOT

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For more information about the fountain show at EPCOT, click here for AllEars.Net

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27 thoughts on “The fountain show at EPCOT”

  1. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Tink! What a wonderful day…sun is shining! We have had nothing but rain for weeks! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  2. Very intersting geometrics and the fountains lookk so cool and refreshing! Happy WW

  3. We’re taking our kids for their first trip to Epcot later this summer. Seeing your photos makes me excited for all that is to come. Happy WW!

  4. I love visiting your Disney-related WW entries. They bring back such vivid memories. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been in awe of the Epcot fountain displays. My brother, sister, and I used to try and catch the water in our hands as it flew by in front of the old Figment ride. Now, my husband and I have photos of ourselves outside the fountains. Great stuff!

  5. The fountain show must really be an enjoyable show. I’m quite amazed by the structures holding the lights and serves as shades(?). I think it’s cool.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


  6. I went to Epcot in October 1982 when it first opened. I have been back many times. It is my most favorite part of Disney World. Love the photos.

  7. Wow! That’s one place I’ve always wanted to visit. Maybe when Honey Bear retires. Family, here, go almost every year to Disney and Epcot. I might tag along sometime.

  8. I love fountain shows. We had one where I used to work that was phenomenal. You can always hear the poof’s from whatever forced the water to shoot up and it would sound like music itself depending on what was going on.

  9. I love those kite mirror thingies (I’m really good with technical terms!). Someday when I’m done building a yard I’d like to fill it will funky art. You know, that stuff that makes people slow down, stare and say, Man she’s weird. Those kites things would be cool to have!

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