Warning: #Disney World Rant Ahead

Warning: #Disney World Rant Ahead, originally uploaded by Tink*~*~*. 13 May ’09, 3.01pm EDT PST

It’s clear to me that Disney has been cutting corners on the Flower and Garden Festival for several years. Among this year’s disappointments -the garden sculpture section is bare, the rainforest section of Mexico is not dripping with orchids, and now you can see that the festival center is only open on the weekends. I guess Deb and I will come back on Friday or Saturday. I hope there aren’t any more disappointments…

2 thoughts on “Warning: #Disney World Rant Ahead”

  1. It’s true, I’ve noticed the cutbacks in lots of areas and now it’s affecting the Flower and Garden festival which is not cool. The concerts are cut down too if I recall correctly. 🙁

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