Dancing mushrooms from Disney’s Fantasia

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At the Flower and Garden Festival in EPCOT this year, there was a whole section at the front of the park devoted to Disney’s 1941 animated classic Fantasia, which made my heart glad. Disney does not put the old classics on the shelf, but finds ways to introduce them to subsequent generations of Disney fans.

Here’s one of the dancing mushrooms from Fantasia, rendered in topiary. Note the red hat! The sequence with the mushrooms is set to a section of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite ballet. While googling around for tidbits about the dancing mushrooms, I came across some conversations that debated whether or not the sequence is racist. I’m not sure where people are getting “racist” out of this sequence. The piece of music is called the Chinese Dance, which is probably why the Disney artists chose to go with Chinese dancing mushrooms.

Here, have a look – it’s one minute, seven seconds long – and then tell me what your thoughts are:

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13 thoughts on “Dancing mushrooms from Disney’s Fantasia”

  1. Very cute video. I don’t recall ever seeing Fantasia. I like the topiary photo. The red flower in the hat work great for simulating the movie “characters.”

  2. Hey Tink, did you know there is a lot of discrimination agains the red headed race? (!!) I know, I have the freckles but not the red hair and still get discriminated against. Part of it may be ‘age discrimination’ also. 😉
    Also I see you had to move. Over to Epcot. I hope they will let you use your pillow on their benches?
    Happy RT,

  3. That movie classic Fantasia,
    I’am also a fan,
    its in Dutch not to buy 🙁
    I enjoyed the video !!

  4. Wow, what a topiary! I would love to replicate the finely trimmed shrub in our yard. The ruby cap adds such character…

    Of course I haven’t seen ‘Fantasia’ in decades. Disney animation in the day was the absolute best – all hand drawn, no CG animation. The score is what made this, and the toadstools have real personality…

  5. Why exactly is there such a big push in this country to turn everything into a race issue? Really, it’s a bunch of mushrooms to music. If I really stretched my imagination I could come up with a dancing infected penis, but nothing racist. I wish people would just quit hanging on to angry (real and made up) and just be happy.

    I like the plant art. Disney is very good at that.

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