Decor at Disney’s Pop Century, continued!

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As a follow on to yesterday’s post about the Pop Century Resort, here’s some framed art from inside one of the rooms – lots of red going on here!

It’s supposed to represent Disney stuff from the 70s. In the upper left corner, I do believe that’s Pete’s Dragon, but I don’t know who the little red robot dude is that seems to be climbing him.

I love the red Mickey ears beanie! Wish I could get my hands on some of those today. Seems to be more of a hat (see the brim?) than a beanie, actually.

Robin Hood was portrayed as a fox; he’s a Disney character in red that I’ve missed in the past, as is King Richard, seen here wrapped in a royal red cape (by the way, voiced by Peter Ustinov!).

I’m not really sure what any of the other stuff is. During most of the 70s, I was in a period of Disney latency, as back then it was not cool to be a Disney fan throughout your teens. I didn’t remember until a friend decided she was going to Disney World on vacation with her boyfriend and asked what she should bring back for me. I said, “Tinker Bell!” of course!

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8 thoughts on “Decor at Disney’s Pop Century, continued!”

  1. I like the Aristocats (at least that’s what I see) in the blue chair. We don’t often think about the Disney 1970s, after the classics Snow White and Cinderella. But before the more modern movies (Lion King) and Pixar. An interesting collage of history!

  2. I have always loved Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse since I was a kid. And it was only many years later that I get to visit DisneyLand in Hong Kong. I plan to visit Disney in USA!

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