EPCOT sunset reflections

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Reflection on fire
Lacy branches, purple sky –
Tuesday’s last hurrah

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15 thoughts on “EPCOT sunset reflections”

  1. Hi Tink, this is a ncie peaceful setting, with the rosy sky over a darkening EPCOT.
    I clicked on the picture to see if I could seeH some people sitting around waiting for the fireworks or chomping on the goodies. Flicker won’t show me a larger picture unless I have a password. 😉
    Happy RT, I’m at Carcassonne with a bleary afternoon sky this week.

  2. Just wonderful pictures, you take us all on adventures while sitting in our chairs. You have such an interesting blog! Therefore, I’ve given you an award – no obligation to participate of course, but if you’d like to come pick it up it’s posted in today’s comments.

    Just save the photo to your computer and post where ever you’d like.


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