“Experiment 626” aka “Stitch” at EPCOT

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🙂 “Experiement 626” aka Stitch sits in a bed of red flowers, with a red DANGER sign overhead, and the red planet Mars in the background (that’s the Mission: Space! attraction) at the 2009 EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival.

In actuality, Stitch is blue – I should know, he lives in my home office! Yes, I have a Stitch – he talks! If I say, “Can you play?”, he will say, “I cannot – I have nothing to wear”. 😀 I think he says something like 21 different things. Anyway, now you know my worst secret – I have toys! And no, I don’t have children. I just have toys 😉 Perhaps I will do a post on my toys one of these days…

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20 thoughts on ““Experiment 626” aka “Stitch” at EPCOT”

  1. The Stitch is green – because this is a Martian impostor 🙂 I like Lilo and friends, but my kids insist on Sponge Bob 🙂
    That is great piece of art you shared with us. Thank you!

  2. Another great shot! Great composition! Love the way the monorail track frames the top and Mission Space is in the background!

    And YES…post your toys!! I’m a big kid at heart too!!!

  3. Stitch merely laughs at the high voltage warning – he is much tougher than mere electrons, you know! I believe he came from outer space to do a brilliant Elvis impersonation in the movie, perhaps here he shows his acting flair…

  4. I would love to see your toys. I collect anything that amuses me. Trying to learn blogging on the go. Everything is a learning process.

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