Lotus in the pond at EPCOT

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🙂 Same pond at the China pavilion that was featured in yesterday’s post about the dragonfly gymnast 🙂 I had to scour Google Images to figure out that this was a lotus bud, and not just a run of the mill “water lily”. Oddly, the way I finally identified it was not via the bud, but via the seed pod!

I don’t usually go in for pink much because it is not on my color chart – I’m an “autumn” – but I just love this shade. I bet it looked really pretty when it finally did bloom.




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9 thoughts on “Lotus in the pond at EPCOT”

  1. Wow, beautiful shots. You must have a heck of a zoom lens there! Also love the dragonfly pictures in your other post. Poor little guy’s wings.

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