Rockin’ at EPCOT’s Outpost

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🙂 I took some photos at EPCOT recently that I thought would be great for Blue Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday. I thought I’d just tuck them away in the vault somewhere, hoping that an appropriate prompt for Manic Monday would someday be declared, and then I could use them for my Monday Meme Trifecta.

Well, I must have ESPN 😉 or clairvoyance or something. Either that, or I’m very, very lucky, for Mo declared that today’s prompt is “ROCK” – w00t!

About two weeks ago, I stood in the Outpost, a little African section of the World Showcase at EPCOT, browsing the hats and jewelry and carved objects, when my eyes fell on this bin of rocks and semi-precious stones.


So what, you say? Well, check out what was in upper-middle bin!


Three of ’em, cause it’s a TRIfecta, after all. 😉 Hearts mean love, so this is ME, sending lots of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to all of YOU who read here. Now, run along with you all, have a FABULOUS Monday and don’t forget to pay the LOVE forward <3 <3 <3 Visit these wonderful Monday memes:

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14 thoughts on “Rockin’ at EPCOT’s Outpost”

  1. Why would you look at that … Big yellow and blue rocks. Not quite sure who you bribed at Epcot to pull this one off. 🙂

  2. very pretty during our trip to Florida we stopped at a beach shop never ever thought about taking pictures now I wish I had

  3. Yep, the heart rocks were right there just waiting for me to take their picture! That’s what I call “serendipity” -right place, right time.

  4. Very nice photos. Thanks for sharing them with us. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the coming holiday weekend.

  5. That yellow really stands out against all the other colors.
    Great yellow shot!!

  6. Jientje, I have the camera I got for Christmas – Canon Power Shot SX110 IS with 9 mpx and 10x optical zoom. BUT I also figured out how to focus with my camera phone! So my mobile shots are coming out much sharper than they used to. Thanks for noticing!

    Tink *~*~*

  7. Howdy
    What a fabulous post !
    It there were a prize I would say we have a winner 🙂
    Have a very blessed rest of the week.
    Happy Trails

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