Water lilies at Disney’s EPCOT

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Found these blue-lavender water lilies reflected in the pond that sits before the China pavilion at EPCOT. There were some really fat tadpoles swimming around in there, too!

Todays-Flowers-Logo Scenic Sunday
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11 thoughts on “Water lilies at Disney’s EPCOT”

  1. Hello !!!

    I like that lilac water lily, a few years ago I capture one in New Zealand with my camera.

    I have a lottery for the photo with the snail!.
    This time, I want you to look at the pictures with the
    aspect that you might want to buy a it and tell me why you choses those 5.

    You will find the text in English futher down that page.

    It would make me very happy if you want to participate,
    It will end on the 30/6´09
    /Maria Berg, Sweden

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