Arboreal ambition

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Lacy pine fingers
reaching out to touch the sky
somehow, falling short

Australian pines seem to love the sandy soil and subtropical climate of Sanibel Island, but their shallow root system ensures that they are very easily uprooted during a hurricane, causing destruction when they fall on cars, houses and other structures. It’s amazing there are any left on the island, but they soldier on, somehow.

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14 thoughts on “Arboreal ambition”

  1. It is hard to imagine that such delicate tree damaging anything, the slender boughs falling to earth in a thud. The branches set against the cloudy Florida sky is beautiful!

  2. Hi Tink, I am wondering why they call them Austalian? Someone brought on over and they took hold? It is hard to reach the sky isn’t it? As soon as we get to where we think it is we find it is further up and away still. 🙂

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