Crepe myrtle, or crape myrtle? blooming at Walt Disney World

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IMG_1803-WDW-EPCOT-geosphere-pink-crepe-myrtle😉 Being a girl from the north, I hadn’t any idea that these trees that were blooming last month in Walt Disney World’s EPCOT theme park were actually crepe myrtle That’s a link to pictures of crepe myrtle on Flickr, which includes some of the most amazing macros. It’s also a search where I spelled it wrong, like I’ve been doing all along; according to, it’s actually crApe myrtle; that link yields a completely different set of photos on Flickr. Anyhow, I had to take a photo with my cell phone and send it to Twitter and this blog in order to find out what it was. Many thanks to Debbie and Wendy for their responses that day.

The most common type of crape myrtle in the United States arrived here at the end of the 1700s from Asia. I’ve read that it does best here in temperate climates where the risk of fungus is low, such as the drier parts of California and Texas.

I actually found quite a few of them growing and blooming in EPCOT that day. They were all along the front entrance near the geosphere – Spaceship Earth – and sprinkled throughout the World Showcase in various countries, most notably in France. The wind kicked up and blew the small petals to the ground in heaps. Children were playing “snow” with them, throwing handfuls up into the air. The wind trapped some in a corner and whirled them around in circles – check out this video of the crape myrtle dervish.

Todays-Flowers-Logo Scenic Sunday

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9 thoughts on “Crepe myrtle, or crape myrtle? blooming at Walt Disney World”

  1. Great picture, we have a lot of Lilac bushes in our area and they look similarto these but with a lavendar color, they smell so good, I snap some blooms off everyday and bring them into the house. Too bad the blooms only last about a month.

  2. I love crape myrtle trees. We bought 15 sapplings last year and they are blooming beautifully this year.

  3. I have a couple of crepe myrtle bushes in our garden but never knew anything about them. Thanks for this interesting post. Great photo too.

  4. Crepe Myrtles are such pretty sommer flowering trees in many colours. I am glad the children had fun with th fallen flowers.

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