Kiddie cool-off fountain on the promenade, EPCOT

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IMG_1707-WDW-EPCOT-promenade-fountainThis little fountain is located on the promenade between FutureWorld and the World Showcase in Walt Disney World’s EPCOT theme park. The colorful, swirly pattern painted on the concrete includes both blue and yellow. During a day of touring under the hot Florida sun, the refreshing fun that such cool-off spots provide is very much welcome. As the kids run through, the fountains start and stop; you never know when you’re going to get sprayed. In the background, you can see a couple of misters have been set up for the adults. As you stand there, a fine mist dampens your skin and your clothing, and the breeze comes along to cool you off. I have occasionally seen adults running through the fountains and kiddies getting misted. Nobody minds, they just want to cool off!

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10 thoughts on “Kiddie cool-off fountain on the promenade, EPCOT”

  1. Both the fountain & the misters sound great, especially on a hot sweaty day of running around Disney grounds!

    Happy MYM!

  2. What a wonderful capture. It fun to watch the children play in these areas. It’s also a lovely way to fight the heat.

  3. Those paly in water features are really cool! kids and adults have so much fun in them …just the thing to cool off on a hot day.

    We have one at the little park near us. Unfortunatly, because of budget cut, the parks people haven’t turned it on this year 🙁

  4. Howdy
    Happy belated Monday to you.
    What a fabulous post.
    I love all those fun vibrant colors and water too 🙂
    Have awonderful rest of the week.
    Happy Trails

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