Lighting up the night at EPCOT

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Trees in silhouette
Aptly named, it lights the night

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14 thoughts on “Lighting up the night at EPCOT”

  1. You did good with those. We always stay for the fireworks even if we are there more than one day. They are pretty good ones. And really good for a lot of the visitors who are from smaller town, etc. and don’t see nice ones very often.

  2. One word for this shot…WOW!

    You’ve captured this magnificently. I love how the fireworks have light up the night sky! Thanks so much for taking us there. πŸ™‚

    Happy Friday. Have a lovely weekend.


  3. The fireworks do light up the sky beautifully. However, the effects of the picture are so interesting – the arrangement of orbs in one spot almost has the shape of Mickey’s head, a three circle collection of orbs. I see it at about the top center. Although that’s what I see. No shortage of great skies at Epcot!

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