Planet Hollywood, Downtown Disney

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IMG_1982This is the Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney, Orlando, Florida. While selecting a photo for this post, I realized that in all the years I’ve been going to Walt Disney World, I have never dined at Planet Hollywood!

I remember when this chain first opened. Stars like Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger co-owned it. At the time, it, was sort of new and innovative to have big name stars publicly backing and promoting a major tourist attraction restaurant while they were still big name stars. Star power lent the illusion of glamor to the chain.

In addition to the restaurants, the Planet Hollywood brand has been applied to a hotel and casino resort in Las Vegas. I’ve read that the Starwood Hotel Chain is going to take over management of this resort. That might just get me to Vegas. I’ve shied away from going there because I’m not interested in gambling, the show tickets are REALLY expensive, and I have the impression that the entire city is an assault on the senses. But staying at a hotel free on Starwood points might just change my mind!

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7 thoughts on “Planet Hollywood, Downtown Disney”

  1. Vegas is expensive, but well worth the trip. Even if you just walk around the city. That’s what we did, we don’t gamble either…just go from one hotel to the other and be mesmerized at all the money ‘wasted’. LOL

    My R T is now posted if you’d like to stop by and view. Have a great day!

  2. I’ve eaten there with my son. The food was good, but it was well, pretentious. I could live without going again.

  3. Hi Martha… I guess you have a point about trying Vegas at least once. I’m kind of sensitive to “psychic noise” in crowds. No, don’t cue the theme from the Twilight Zone – it’s not THAT kind of psychic! But so many people in one place generates a certain energy and it over-stimulates me. This I know from having grown up mostly in NYC and having worked there for many years as well, using very crowded mass transit systems. I’m much happier in less populated surroundings. So that’s been a concern of mine. But you are right, I should try it at least once!


  4. Nope, I haven’t – I don’t think I’ve actually dined at ANY Planet Hollywood. But I have eaten at the Hard Rock at Universal Orlando, and also the one in London.


  5. I have eaten at one once… a long time ago… and it was loud and noisy and the food was over priced and nothing to write home about.

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