18 thoughts on “Pond visitor at EPCOT”

  1. Martha, I sometimes wish I had a dog and or cat for that very reason. People leave the doors from the house to the lanai open and I often wonder how they don’t get these critters in the house – cause they certainly infiltrate the lanai! Well, it appears that people who have dogs and cats don’t get lizards in the house. Go figure!


  2. What a cute little guy πŸ™‚ Both photos are great I like the lily pads on the pond and of course the lizard is just adorable. πŸ™‚

  3. I love our little lizards, they help keep the bugs under control. I have a big dog and four cats and I have to rescue these guys from my house several times a week. As well as the tree frogs and an occasional gecko. Never a dull moment at the tiki hut! Now if I can get the armadillo to move out of my backyard…

  4. Rhonda, you crack me up! I would totally FREAK if I saw a lizard in my house, but you just take it as a matter of course… and except for the digging, I think I’d like to see an armadillo in my backyard now and again. I’ve lived here three years now and the only armadillos I’ve seen were feet up by the side of the road…. ewww!


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