Gateway to Walt Disney World

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IMG00501-WDW-gates-on-the-road🙂 The very first time I drove from my house in Southwest Florida to Walt Disney World, I was on the phone with Lisa, a good friend from Long Island. As I got closer to Disney property, I saw this structure – Lisa calls it “the pearly gates” 😉 – and I let out a scream for joy. “OW!” Lisa exclaimed. “That was my EAR!”.

Ever since that incident, I still call Lisa to pass the time during the 3-hour drive to Disney – but she always asks, “Are we getting close to the pearly gates? Cause if we are, I have to hang up now!”

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11 thoughts on “Gateway to Walt Disney World”

  1. Now I have a name for what is at the top of the list of sights at WDW that mean “Walt Disney World” to me. The Pearly Gates. 😀

    Off the top of my head, also on the list are: The Castle, the monorail, Spaceship Earth,

  2. I love the idea of calling them the Pearly Gates. Wish I could pass through those more often–the WDW ones not the other ones!!

  3. Your Mellow Yellow Blue Monday’s are some of my very favorites!!
    Those truly are the gates to my heaven here on Earth!! =0)

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