Gateway to Walt Disney World

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IMG00501-WDW-gates-on-the-road🙂 The very first time I drove from my house in Southwest Florida to Walt Disney World, I was on the phone with Lisa, a good friend from Long Island. As I got closer to Disney property, I saw this structure – Lisa calls it “the pearly gates” 😉 – and I let out a scream for joy. “OW!” Lisa exclaimed. “That was my EAR!”.

Ever since that incident, I still call Lisa to pass the time during the 3-hour drive to Disney – but she always asks, “Are we getting close to the pearly gates? Cause if we are, I have to hang up now!”

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11 thoughts on “Gateway to Walt Disney World”

  1. Now I have a name for what is at the top of the list of sights at WDW that mean “Walt Disney World” to me. The Pearly Gates. 😀

    Off the top of my head, also on the list are: The Castle, the monorail, Spaceship Earth,

  2. Your Mellow Yellow Blue Monday’s are some of my very favorites!!
    Those truly are the gates to my heaven here on Earth!! =0)

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