Grab a stagecoach in the Magic Kingdom

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Each Disney theme park has a sales spot for the Disney Vacation Club which is cleverly disguised to blend in with the themeing of the park. Here we see that you can visit at DVC representative in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom – just look for the RED “Getaway” sign.

Do you see the “hidden” Mickey?

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7 thoughts on “Grab a stagecoach in the Magic Kingdom”

  1. What a clever sign…and a great photo!!

    Happy Ruby Tuesday wishes to you. My R T is now posted, I do hope you can find time to stop by to visit with me today. You’ll need to scroll down below my Heads or Tails blogging…it’s a beauty!!

  2. Hi Tink, that is a pretty RED advertising sign. Now I am sure you just live there in Disney and don’t have a permanent home!
    Happy RT! I have red letters on a sign this week too, almost as pretty as yours (ha!). I am off reviewing restaurants again, not so hot this time.

  3. The red at Disney is eye catching. Although we have gotten soft in our modes of transportation these days. I mean, an air-conditioned Boeing we prefer, but what about traveling in the day on a stagecoach with wooden seats and dust – a visceral treat we don’t see any more!

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