Native Wildlife in Disney’s Animal Kingdom – the brown anole

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IMG_1541-WDW-DAK-giraffe-statue-upright🙂 Every time I visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom, my appreciation for the theme park Imagineers’ incredible attention to detail only deepens. The park is impeccably themed, and I especially enjoy the animal statues sprinkled here and there. Some are carved of stone like idols, while others are made to look like wood carvings but are more likely made of resin – this is Florida, after all, a land where the termite thrives and flourishes 😉 Tucked away in a stand of bamboo, congregating in a forest pool or peeking out from behind dense foliage, I delight in happening upon these imaginative and often colorful critters.

IMG_1543-WDW-DAK-giraffe-statue-bent-anoleRelatively close to the front of the park, there’s a grouping of orange and yellow giraffes grazing in the underbrush by the side of the path. I remember stopping there once when Nieceling was young to photograph her with the smaller one; there’s a conveniently-placed flat stone for a kid to stand on, in case she’s too short to get both her head and the giraffe’s head in the photo. On this particular day, I was strolling by on my way out of the park – and I admit, it takes me a LONG time to stroll out of this park, so I have to start about an hour or so before I actually intend to get on the bus! Anyhow, I glanced over at the giraffes, and something caught my eye…

IMG_1542-WDW-DAK-giraffe-statue-back-anole-dewlapIt’s a brown anole, hanging out on the bent back of one of the giraffes. I caught him with his dewlap open! Technically, the brown anole is not a “native” of Florida – more of a naturalized citizen from the Caribbean. However, they’ve been here so long, they seem like natives. Just like all the other Americans, I guess 😀

Happy Critturday!

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7 thoughts on “Native Wildlife in Disney’s Animal Kingdom – the brown anole”

  1. Interesting post. I too rank AK right up on my list of favorite parks. I still haven’t explored as much of it as I like. Soon though!

  2. Martha, I’d about FREAK if the anoles came into the house. I love to look at critters, love to photograph critters – but no way do I want them living with me! 😯


  3. I can’t wait to visit FL next week. We arrive on Wednesday 26th and shall be cruising around Ft. Myers and the islands and Naples. Thanks for the picture of the anole. never heard that name before. After living in Belize, at least we’re used to humidity.

  4. wow this critters is beautiful and you got a lizard as well!
    Cool post and happy camera critters
    purrs and love

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