Native wildlife in the Magic Kingdom – The Great Egret

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IMG_1213-WDW-MK-Frontier-trading-post-egret 🙂 At first glance, I thought this was a statue perched atop the Trading Post in the Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland. But then my brain reset itself and remembered that egrets are often found in this section of the Magic Kingdom – it’s right across the street from the lagoon that separates Frontierland from Tom Sawyer Island. If you take the time to look, you will find that there are egrets flying, wading and hunting all over Walt Disney World. These are native Floridians, availing themselves of the amenities of the Walt Disney World resort – well-maintained habitats and dropped food opportunities 😉


See? Told ya he’s not a statue 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Native wildlife in the Magic Kingdom – The Great Egret”

  1. Herons/egrets are such majestic looking critters. They can stand so still that you think they are sculptures. Wonderful shot.

  2. I’ve spent a while looking around your blog post after Craig Glenn sent me to you. I asked Craig if he was familiar with Matlacha and Pine Island as my husband and I are visiting at the end of August, to look at some foreclosures as a possible move in 3-4 years time. Now we live in California, after a fabulous year in Belize, where we were used to hurricanes and humidity. I’d love to hear from you about whether you’re happy living where you live, and as a writer, I read that 50% of those living in Matlacha, are writers. Is the water turquoise like the Caribbean? What are the pros and cons, apart from hurricanes, etc. I’m from Europe, is it cosmopolitan? Anything you have time to write or steer me to your blog about, I’d appreciate. Thanks. Sonia.

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