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This is a classic story about what happens while you are “respecting your space”. A few weeks ago, I decided it was high time I cleaned my desk. I mean, cleaned it to the point where I could actually SEE desk! So I sorted and straightened and filed and shreded – and my reward was finding all these Mickey Mouse stickers! Cast Members in the resort hotels and in the merchandise areas at Walt Disney World often have rolls of these stickers lying around to give away on a whim. I must look like I need Mickey stickers, because I’ve amassed a fair quantity of them. They’re currently stuck to my whiteboard with a magnet, and I’m contemplating what to do with them…

Have you had the same experience – did a good deed and found something that was missing? Was it as good as Mickey stickers? °o° Let’s hear about it!

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6 thoughts on “Sticky Mickey °o°”

  1. Oh my son will like that mickey stickers. Anyway I am like that’s sometimes hehhe. Mine is ready.

  2. I cleaned the girls’ hair clip basket and found my son’s much needed football glove. Not near as exciting as Mickey Stickers, but probably a bit more odd. 🙂

  3. Yes Gayle, but I bet the football glove would have cost you LOTS to replace – these were free 🙂


  4. Great stickers! We just moved a little over a week ago and are working on unpacking every box everywhere. I have found all sorts of great treasures I had lost or forgotten about!

  5. I have all sorts of Disney stickers too.A few months ago I was following a little girl ,who was really ill,over at the DIS.I went through my stickers and sent her a whole bunch of them.=0)

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