A SIGN that Disney thinks GREEN

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🙂 This sign was captured at the Festival Center in Disney’s EPCOT theme park. The occasion was the 2009 Flower and Garden Festival. Jiminy Cricket encourages us all to behave as though every day was Earth Day. I’ve never been at Disney on Earth Day itself, but I hear The Mouse likes to celebrate – Jiminy looks like he’s having fun (he’s also looking pretty green), so clearly Mickey’s friends like to celebrate, too 🙂

Think Green Thursday

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6 thoughts on “A SIGN that Disney thinks GREEN”

  1. Wow, thank you for the interest Tink, of course I’d be willing to let you handle TWTW. You do have my email add right? it appears on my comments so just send me your email so I can make you manager of the meme. This is a fun sign and great for Think Green theme too. You always come up with such marvelous posts. Have a nice day!

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