Approaching the Sunshine Skyway, St. Petersburg, Florida

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šŸ™‚ Looks like the sails of
a tall ship in the distance;
when will it set sail?

My obsession with the Sunshine Skyway continues. If I can find a place to pull over and shoot, I do. Otherwise I just keep my eyes on the road, point the lens in the general direction and pray šŸ˜‰ Not bad, huh? Have a happy and productive Friday, everyone!


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16 thoughts on “Approaching the Sunshine Skyway, St. Petersburg, Florida”

  1. This cable-stayed bridge is a beauty. I’d love to drive it across Tampa Bay, just being surrounded by the surf below and sky above. I love bridges, the old ones with an over styled character and this simpler modern one on I-275. A nice shot of Gulf Florida – you make us want to visit!

  2. Years and years ago my father was stationed at McDill Air Force Base in Tampa and I can remember crossing Tampa Bay to go to St. Petersburg but I’m pretty sure this beautiful bridge wasn’t there yet. I can see why you have an obsession – it’s beautiful!

  3. Not bad at all. Funny, I just pointed and shot this evening also. Not so easy with my DSLR – but there is a part of a hill that I come over and then have a wide ocean view that I love. I tried to capture it.

  4. When I drive across this bridge, my knuckles turn white from my vice-like grip on the steering wheel. Now, I think I might hold tighter! šŸ˜‰

    These pictures are quite beautiful! I too have a love for this bridge. Whenever we drive over it, though, we are usually on our way to the beach (or home) and my family would rather not stop. šŸ™ Perhaps I will make a trip out that way specifically to capture shots like these! Great post!

  5. @Ralph, you SHOULD visit, but wait till hurricane hell hot season is over šŸ˜‰

    @Roger, I have a friend up in Lutz who reacts the same way your girlfriend did.. in fact, I think she goes so far as to get on the floor of the vehicle so she doesn’t have to see ANYTHING!

    @golightly sounds like a great view, I will have to visit your blog to check it out.

    @stine, I don’t even want to think about what “something bad” might entail… =8^0

    @Calico, not talented, just lucky. For every one of these “point and pray” shots that comes out good, there are at least 20 that are dreadful! This is the perks of the digital age – in days gone by we had, what, 36 exposures… only 36 chances to get it right!

  6. The bridge setting sail…very cool. You have some very interesting bridges in your area (we have very, very plain and basic bridges).

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