19 thoughts on “Golden time on Sanibel Island”

  1. Amazing shot.

    BTW, your link at WW is erroneous. When you click it, it says there’s nothing there. So I just went to your HOME and found this post.

  2. That is breathtaking! Wish I was there.

    Your URL is duplicated, that’s why it won’t work. Hurry, fix it quick so everyone can see your sunset 😉

  3. Just a gorgeous shot of a sunset on the beach. The colors are great. The silhouette of the couple just adds the finishing touch to this.

  4. What a beautiful shot! We’ve spent alot of time at St. George, but have always wanted to visit Sanibel. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Tink, your sunset is outstanding. I played on Sanibel Island when I was a teen. Nothing was there except shells. Beautiful shells. Time changes everything. It is still beautiful there but not the same raw beauty of time gone by.


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