That “other” Disney castle

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šŸ™‚ Castle ‘cross the lake
neighbor in glass looming near
It’s a Disney day!

No, it’s not the one in the Magic Kingdom – it’s the one in the Canada pavilion in EPCOT. It’s modeled after a hotel in Ottawa called Chateau Laurier. I think it makes a pretty picture, don’t you?

Happy Friday, everyone!

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11 thoughts on “That “other” Disney castle”

  1. A glass pyramid and a castles nestled under fair weather Ontario skies. Happily it is now summer, although if it was Winter, we would all know that it wouldn’t feel like the Gulf. I don’t think we’re in Florida Toto…

  2. I must have forgotten how to read in the last comment – of course we are not in Canada. Although if Ottawa looked like Epcot in the winter, that would be okay too!

  3. Lovely photo, I like the way the contrasting textures between the water and the clouds. The blue of the sky is fantastic. Those are some pretty buildings in the distance too. We really do need to get down to the Magic Kingdom.

  4. Beautiful place and those cottony clouds are perfect for this meme.

    We were at Epcot in 1986, never been back! I can imagine it has changed quite a bit.

    (We = Airhead 55 and I)


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