When critters attack! Part 2

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IMG_6610-WDW-EPCOT-Germany-blue-train🙂 It’s a a day just like any other day in the beautiful German alps. A gentle breeze sets the pines a-whispering amongst themselves. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and a single, blue passenger car serenely makes its way along the alpine train tracks, little suspecting what insidious dangers lurk ahead…

IMG_6612What a pretty and quaint train station! OK, so the dead truck isn’t very attractive… but the buildings are a lovely pale yellow and the railroad staff stand ready to attend to the passengers, looking so smart and spiffy in their uniforms… but wait! What’s this I see? OH NO!


IMG_6612_cropIT’S A GIANT LIZARD! This horrible beast has apparently felled one person already (the unfortunate soul lying face-down by the tracks) and now it lies in wait on the roof of the station, ready to pounce upon the unsuspecting villagers as they disembark from the train.




(in case you hadn’t already guessed – just like Part 1, this is also the model train set-up at the German pavilion in EPCOT).

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10 thoughts on “When critters attack! Part 2”

  1. How sweet. I love train sets. Sometimes I wish a was a boy lol they seem to get away with it more…even as grown men!
    Happy Blue Monday Tink
    Love Claudie

  2. Claudie, it’s 2009 – you don’t have to be a boy (or even a child) to play with trains. I say, go for it! 🙂


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