If you dig it, they will come – “Santiva”, Florida

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Flowing through Blind Pass
it’s water under the bridge –
lots of fishes, too!

Florida’s fabulous cloud formations float above the newly-dredged Blind Pass, a waterway between the islands of Sanibel and Captiva in Southwest Florida. The area is sometimes affectionately referred to as “Santiva”. The Pass is something of a marvel to my eyes. Before moving to Southwest Florida in 2006, I had been vacationing on Sanibel annually for several years and never saw more than puddles under the bridge.

Now, thanks to the Army Corps of Engineers, a swift current swirls through the Pass, and the local news is currently reporting abundances of mackerel, kingfish – and sharks! If you look closely, you can see several heads bobbing out there in the mouth of the pass. I’m betting they haven’t read the local news lately… 😯

Some of you with sharp eyes may also have noticed that in addition to fishes, the Pass also attracts a species known as “militant shellers”. Bonus points if you know who they are! ;o)

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