Beauty from the balcony at Walt Disney World

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I rose early and

crept silently to peek as

God painted the sky

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11 thoughts on “Beauty from the balcony at Walt Disney World”

  1. Wow! Absolutely spectacular! You live in one of the prettiest places on earth I think.

  2. Stunning!

    Being an early morning person, I love the quiet and stillness of Walt Disney World before the vast majority of guests are out of bed.

    The cast members who have worked overnight and especially quietly friendly…a very special time of day indeed.

  3. The sunset looks upon the earth so nicely. I am reminded of “The City of Lights”. However, in this view it is not Paris – it is this burg east of Orlando. The overall effect is beautiful, the streetlights the twinkling just enhancing the burnt orange sky. Beautiful!

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