If I knew what all these buttons were for, I’d be dangerous

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šŸ™‚ These freakin’ buttons

on my cam’ra, but no clues

which for fireworks?

I’m pretty much an idiot for not reading the manual (“RTFM”, as we say in technology; the “F” is the same as in another popular acronyn, “FUBAR”). I get to the part where the pretty blue stuff is in the air and I realize I’ve got a camera in my hand that I’ve not really tried with fireworks before. Therefore, I have NO CLUE what setting it wants. There’s one that looks like a guy with a star over his head, so I pick that one. Uh-uh, blurry mess. Then there’s one that looks like a party in a cornucopia – all these streamers and confetti things coming out of it. While I don’t know what that one is for (yeah, I’ve been home for three days and I’ve not sought the manual yet), I do know it took a better photo of fireworks than the star-hovering-over-the-stick-dude setting did. Photo taken with a Canon Powershot SX110IS during “IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth”, the nightly fireworks and multimedia show held at EPCOT in Walt Disney World

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14 thoughts on “If I knew what all these buttons were for, I’d be dangerous”

  1. The drama and chorus of ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ from the crowd below is heard and felt by the viewer!

    I remember my old walking days and my film, all manual Pentax K1000! I knew to use an F-stop of 30 or less, mounted securely on a tripod and using the cable shutter release. The old Pentax, you knew the shutter speed and F-stop to get a perfect picture. Alas, with the wheelchair, the heavy steel bodied camera with a heavy lens doesn’t work so much. The point and shoot Canon we use is easier these days. I dream of a lightweight affordable digital SLR. and keep dreaming!

  2. Ha! Dangerous huh?? Mine has a fireworks button too but dang you gotta hold REALLY still for it to work!

    enjoy that baby!

    Happy Halloween!

  3. Boy, do I understand. I usually turn myself loose on something, play with it for a while, then look at the manual. Sometimes it actually works. Ha.
    The fireworks remind me of sea anemonies (SP???).

  4. Great capture! My camera has a fireworks setting, but it doesn’t work in stability mode, and I can’t hold the camera still enough in standard. Go figure.

  5. That photo is awesome. My camera cost a couple thousand and I can’t take photos in the dark at all. In fact, there’s a lot of photos I screw up and frankly, I’m too damn busy to read a manuel. Enjoy your photos for what they are and the memories they bring. (No one will really give a hoot about them when we are gone anyhow! lol)

  6. I have a Canon camera, and the fireworks setting is under the SCN menu – there are several choices there. I took an online course called “What do all these camera buttons do?” or something like that, to help me learn. It was much more fun than reading the manual, but I don’t really remember a lot. I should probably go back over the lessons…

    Anyway, this turned out really nice anyway! I love fireworks.

  7. Thanks Anna – guess what, mine is under SCN too! I just checked it out. The icon looks like a fat snowflake make out of dots. Not the cornucopia after all. I wonder what the cornucopia does? Guess I will RTFM after all!


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