The dread jackalope of Captiva

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04202009020-Jackalope-on-Captiva🙂 Of all the exotic creatures discovered by explorers when they first set foot on Captiva Island, there is none more respected and feared than the dread jackalope. Entire ships full of pirates and other scalawags were brought down by the resident herd, making it difficult to transform Captiva into a proper pirate hangout. This is why the jackalope was hunted nearly to extinction, and why in later years, a permit was necessary to hunt them. Here we see one of the last known specimens of the dread jackalope, stuffed and mounted, hanging over the bar at Captiva’s Mucky Duck restaurant.

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7 thoughts on “The dread jackalope of Captiva”

  1. Hi – aw, poor critter! This is a great Camera Critter – we love the posts that are a little bit different and ths sure is! 🙂 Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  2. Are you pulling our leg, I remember seeing a bit about this creature on a comedy show years ago but thought it was just a made up creature.

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